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Hi Ron cant quote prices in US $$$$ but in Australia an SRT model Minolta including the 100x, 101, 102 and 303 would be worth about $50 to sell at a shop and resale price would be about $100.

The problem with many old SLRs is the foam light seal in the film chamber is no longer doing its job, the way to find out is to wipe your finger along the edge of the door, if you have a black mark on your finger the seal is stuffed, you have to take this into account when selling a camera on Ebay, what can be described as great condition can require a $60 job to remedy the seal problem, also fungus in the lens is a problem, this of course looks like a spiders web on the glass elements.

I am still quoting camera prices by phone, both buy and sell to three camera shops, there is still a market for good second hand SLRs, 35mm compacts and APS cameras are history.



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Thanks for the info Dave. I'll do a closer inspection of the items and go from there.
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