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.........at my girl friends house. She had some company with some kids that were using her p.c.. Nothing in waste basket. Arecovery program was ued to collect them from the memory chip used back then.

You can delete your chip but just about all the images that were there are still there im memory limbo.

Is there a program (free if possible ) that dives down deep into desktop waste basket and brings things up that were dumped and the waste basket emptied????


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First of all how much had you had to drink Mr Bill??? And how often do you have these delusions?? Are you sure you don't have them in your pocket have you looked??? Hum Have you??? Were did you lose them and have you looked there? Does this girl friend have a reason to try to harm you?? Where were your relatives when this incident occured?? Do any of them have reason to harm you??? Did you have these items insured???? Have you notified the insurance company to get your money?? You know this could be considered a motive? LOLOL Hope you find them man that is the worst... I've had it happen once when my grandkids were playing a game on my computer. One of them got curious and wandered over to my Picdump and deleted a couple hundred photo's! I had just spent a month scanning them in and reworking them. I was so mad I had to leave the house for a couple of hours. LOL But this too passed! Luck my friend or else you'll have to remember what you shot and repeat it!

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Try Stellar Phoenixhttp://www.stellarinfo.com/When you delete something from your HD, normally the only thing the Operative System does is "say there is a free space", but the info there remains the same, until that free space is used to write new information. So, the fastest you use the program, the odds will be more on your favor.And...the recycle bin is just a normal folder... that's all it is xD
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