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I recently took some pictures using the Burst Mode and noticed a delay during the processing and save to memory card after the shots were taken. During this delay it's not possible to use the camera, and you should wait for it to become available and take your next Burst Mode shots. This was very frustrating...
I don't know if this is technically possible, but can't the camera manufacturers (in this case KODAK) develop a system that also utilizes the internal memory as a buffer???
e.g. When a memory card is inserted, the Internal memory automatically becomes a 2nd buffer (avaible for Burst Mode pics or something else).
Take pictures in Burst Mode, this will go on until the buffer is full.
Then "off-load" to the camera's internal memory freeing up the buffer for the next series of Burst Mode shots and releasing the camera to become available again, while saving the 1st set of Burst Mode pictures from Internal memory to the memory card.
I think this would be a better way to utilize the Internal memory since it is not used when using a memory card or until this memory cards becomes full and other pics need to be stored.
Wouldn't this be a nice feature for future cameras??



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Sounds good to me. Now if we could round up the executives at Kodak and get them in an arm lock we might be able to get them to cooperate! LOL
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I could be wrong but I think the problem is the internal memory isn't fast enough to really make a difference. Sure, you could save another few pictures, but you just can't write fast enough. If the internal memory were higher read/write (as well as the internal buffer) we wouldn't have an issue and would write as fast as the card could read. But higher speed memory=more expensive. It's better to just have the camera write to buffer and have the buffer clear faster (faster flash memory) than reworking the whole system.
It's the first day back at school, I don't know if I make sense (<--me).
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USB 2 would be a good idea, unfortunately kodak still doesnt include it even in their "professional" series


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