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Jiff or Peter Pan???/

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Hide the jar and you can use generic.

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Nice shots Sandy,,we get a bunch of those here too,,,and they come bak as long as you feed them...very agile too,,if you have a problem with other birds taking the suet as we do,,,,then just cut a tree limb about 6 inches across or so and about 1 foot long,,,then instead of drilling holes in the side and loading the suet in the holes,,,,drill a hole in the bottom of the hanging log,,,,they can,,and will hang upside down and feed,,,the other birds try in frustration,,,lol

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Thanks Brian,you know I hate to admitt this but where I live there are a lot of Amish,matter of fact that's how I make my living,driving them places.Any way I have seen the drilled limbs you are talking about hanging in a lot of their yards,but never did ask about them.The biggest problem I have when hanging suet cakes is with starlings !!!

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Great Photos, Sandy!

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