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finaly I bought Kodak C360. It is nice camera. I bought it, because it can make mpeg-4 movies with sound. Quality of movies are fine, BUT there is one big bug. When you move from dark to light and vice versa, C360 switch some circuits inside (this is only my idea) and you can here noticable "click" (and this noise is not my idea, it's a fact). This "click" is strong enough to make "click" in sound track of movie. This is not end of troubles with clicks. C360 produces another type of clicks, which are evidently bug of camera (maybe firmware, maybe hardware) because you can't hear them but they are in the sound track. This type of clicks is really non-deterministic - they can be in track or not regardless of conditions.

Here I have to thanks Jonny Megapixel, because he was helping me with my problem and so I could decide that it is problem of that model, not only of my camera.

1) picture of soundtrack with that terrible noise (clicks are the vertical lines). Movie with this sound was recorded by C360 in my hand while I was moving around my silent room.

2) Picture of sound track without noise (I was sitting on the sofa holding camera in my hand).

So I the only way how to solve this problem is probably get some software, which can eliminate these clicks. Usually it can be done by software which can eliminate clicks from LP record caused by dust.

3) The same soundtrack as 1), but cleared with software called WavePad

I don't know how long there will be pictures on my web, so I am posting zip with these images as attchement.
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I sent email to Kodak to tell them the problem. They answered in few hours and here is the answer:

Greetings Karel,

Thank you for your recent visit to the Kodak Web site and question about
the clicking noise you have recorded with your video from the KODAK
EASYSHARE C360 Zoom Digital Camera.

We are quite concerned over your experience, and are sorry for any
inconvenience or frustration this has caused you. We appreciate the
opportunity to assist you.

The clicking noise that you have recorded while taking a video with your
KODAK EASYSHARE C360 Zoom Digital Camera is normal. This is due to the
mechanism installed inside the camera while processing the video.
Unfortunately, there is no firmware upgrade available yet to help
resolve the problem. For the meantime, we suggest that you avoid taking
videos in a quiet place so that the clicking noise would not be heard
when the video is reviewed while we are work on a resolution for this.

We are glad to be of service and are here for you if you need us in the
future. Please reply to us "with history" if this e-mail did not
resolve your issue.


Heart E.
Kodak Technical Information and Support
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