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I cannot see any reason at all why someone would get all bent out of shape over a suggestion, and a pretty cool suggestion at that. Im very new to this hobby and even newer to this forum. I have had loads of fun posting pics and looking and commenting on others posts as well as getting comments from all of you. I am somewhat at a crossroad in my development in taking pictures. The ones that I took when I was brand new to it (and were outstanding to me) no longer look so good, and each day that I shoot some they seem to look better than the days before. myself, I would kind of like to get more than a "nice shot" comment. Just that, was exciting in the begining, but now it just doesnt fill me any longer. I want more, I would like suggestions (if I ask for them). Im eager to learn! I was looking for that in the begining, and didnt even realize it. I was opening posts and seeing some real incredible photos. I said that is what I want to be able to do.Then from reading posts from the members here I knew there were some top notch people here that had a great deal of knowledge that I could learn from (Im speaking of everyone of you). I feel this type of suggestion being carried out will help us all learn from eachother. My 2 cents
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The each other part is where it has been at since I joined this forum a year ago. There are a lot of times I've wanted to cry out and ask why didn't you do this or why not try this or that but I've restrained myself and instead just tryed to give an honest response to the photo's I viewed. There is a place for criticism and a place to just say a photo is nice to look at. My photos....Is everyone listening??.......are ALWAYS open for criticisim Always. That is how I learn. If it is too dark too light not in focus not interesting say so. Don't just be polite say something. Everyone has something worthwhile to say and contribute!! So say it!!!!! Now this thing of saying up front that you wish a critique is good because some don't want that. They just want to share what they shot and enjoy others as well. Good then now we have a way for others like me to let folks know that I want their input!! And I say it now I always want the input. I'm not good yet at this craft. Ya'll help me become better please. A lot of thanks to everyone here on this forum for helping me become just a little better and understand just a little more! Thanks guys!!

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