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the optical viewfinder is oneof the main differences between the v550 andv530
It also has the 2.5 in LCD. As well as minor physical size differences.
Everything else is pretty much same.

On the optical viewfinder:

IMO, i find the optical VF on small digicams to be useless. This is becausethey are not an accurate representationof the actual picture you are taking. The camera is reading through the lens, which is below the viewfinder. So the photo will not be aligned thesame as what you actually see.

If you want true viewfinder to image representation you need either

1- digital slr - the viewfinder is connected to the lens, so what you see is that shot that is taken
2- a cam with an LCD viewfinder (i.e. z740, P850).

On the LCD:

Bothcams seem to beknown for short battery life. Sothe larger LCD actually makes the battery even shorter IF is is used. It is supposed to be an ultra compact cam, not a display device.

On the size:

The v530 is aSMALLER cam in comparison. If you want a "ultra compact" cam, then you get MORE "compactness" with the v530.

therefore, for those reasons I actually prefer thev530 over the v550.
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I love my DX7440 4MP 4Xoptical zoom and a nice optical view finder!

Fits in most pockets nice too !




It's been around for a while so the price should be cut by now to make room for new models that may not be as sturdy as the DX7440.
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changed my mind

after tryingboth units, I do prefer the V550 now.

It was hard taking pics with the v530 in bright sun. The optical VF really is a great bonus.
I also prefer thedial is on the RIGHT side on the cam, on the V550.
The 2.5 inch screen is amazingly clear and the size is not much bigger.

A nice cam, but OIS would help tremendously.

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So I finally ended up purchasing from Dell. They got them in finally. First I ordered from an ebay store and after 2 weeks they let me know that they didn't actually have it in stock and finally gave me a refund today. Too bad I'm going on vacation with my old film cam. I hope Dell comes through!
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