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I used mine at an indoor birthday party and was very pleased with the results. The onboard flash does not have much distance to it (10-16 ft) and is almost usless in a room with lots of sunlit windows that can cause the picture to have washout spots. Not a problem for the external flash. This flash does not shoot at full power all the time in auto. In manual you get to choose how much power the flash will put out.

Bounce off the walls/ceiling was a great help also. Besides the benfit of a better pic, it kept the bright flash out of everyone's eyes. Moving from room to room was not a problem. when I entered each room the first shot I would check to see how it came out and made adjustments if needed. Usually none was needed.

The only drawback I saw was it's abitlity to eat batteries. I went to rechargeable 2500mAh Nimh AA batteries and have no problems. The recycle time for next shot is very fast and the rechargeable batteries last way long enough for me before needing recharge. I do carry a spare set of charged batteries in my cam bag with the spare battery for my camera.

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The party will be held at a children's park, I think that the light conditions will be low to fair....

I also got the Stofen Omni Bounce and the 2-way Bounce Kit

I guess using the 2-Way Bounce kit outdoors would be the way to go.

What I need is some info on how to setup my flash and camera (which settings) to take shots..... I want to prevent a situation where I take a number of shots :| of the same objects.... e.g. group of people and thereby blinding them with my flash... :O

So maybe from your experiences shooting outdoors in low to fair light conditions, maybe you can provide me with some tips, etc.


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Yes, indeed, that Stoffen Bounce Kit is the way to go. Take a few Pre-Party photos to nail the exposure, and you should get some great photos. Good Luck!

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