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The shot of the crocadillion really is not too dark. You see the camera set the exposure to the reflected light on it's back! Therefore the reflected light is causing the camera to darken everything around it! A polorizing filter will help with this or a Neutral density filter to cut back on the reflected light entering the sensor! That's what I think anyway! Some very nice photos there!!! Ain't the zoom nice to have???? Opens a whole new world on photography for some folks!!

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Thanks for sharing your pics. and Welcome to the forum.

mr blue
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Welcome to the forum. Over all you have some good photos there. Thanks for shareing and have a good day.

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Great work... I especially like the the second picture of the quizzical looking sheep.
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thanks for looking/replies everyone
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I found you're pictures very impressive, especially that fourth one of the lizard type thing. I was wondering, has the camera been impressing you so far? It's on sale in my city and I was thinking of picking it up as a first camera. Do you have much experience as a photographer? Because if I could take pictures like that after a bit of practise I would be overjoyed.
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