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I have been a member for awhile but never really had a good question until now. I bought a P850 back in Feb06 and really enjoyed the camera around the house and family gatherings. I practice alot and try to always note what changes I make while taking pictures to get the most I can out of the camera. My wife and I take a trip to Kansas City every year to visit grand parents and I always look forward to the trip.This yearI was extra readywith my new camera, a big step up from theDX7550I have had for a couple of years. In May I had a camera meltdown and had to send it off for repairs which suprised me because I have never had any problems before with a Kodak. Ever sence I got the camera back I feel as if quality of the pictures has not been the same. I often feel the pictures are sharper with my parents Z7590. Just around the house pictures of my daughter out side seem more colorful with the 7590. If anyone out there has had the same feeling please let me know. I will try to post some of my pictures from Kansas City. Please feel free to tell me what I am doingwrong.

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What you're describing sounds reasonable and possible to me. I would certainly go on my subjective judgement because you've had the camera long enough to notice a change in image quality. The same thing happened to me with a much older Kodak digital camera. It didn't overheat, but the quality of the pictures degraded over time. Kodak replaced the entire lens assembly and corrected the problem.

As for me right now, I have a major concern with my P850. My company had its annual zoo outing and picnic a few days ago and I intended to take a slew of pictures. The first few were fine, but soon the camera was refusing to autofocus and it felt noticebly and abnormally warm at the base. I wound up taking about 50 consecutive out of focus pictures. Once I turned it off and it cooled down it behaved normally again. If this elevates into a chronic issue, I don't think I'll have the patience to send it back for repairs. I'll sell or donate it and use this as an excuse to move up to a DSLR.
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Hmm, I can't say I like hearing all these horror stories. I recently bought a P850 as well as my first camera, hopefully these problems are isolated incidents that will clear up with some time. You could try emailing/calling Kodak about it and asking if there is a possibility of a lens replacement as FaciaBrut suggested.
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