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Ok, I just got my Kodak EasyShare 850 about three days ago. I used to shoot the lilies outside of my house with my Canon A80 in macro mode, but when I tried to photograph some pictures in macro mode with my 850, when I try to zoom in it gets all blurry and blinks a hand and a red dot. HELP! I love getting close pictures of flowers etc...how do I get my camera to focus?????
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When you are shooting in macro mode, you shouldn't really zoom in...

Macro is made to take pictures close to the subject!!

With the macro mode espacialy with flowers you should get close because you will get more details of the flower..

If you really want to zoom in with the macro mode on, try to use a tripod, it might help for the focus!!

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Sorry to hear of your trouble.

Sounds like you are trying to get too close while using certain settings. As you likely know, there are a great many options on your camera. For example, your camera has still capture modes of Auto, SCN, P, A, S, M, C1, C2, C3. You can also set your camer to a scene mode ofportrait, self-portrait, sports, landscape, night portrait, night landscape, snow, beach, text/document, flower, sunset, candlelight, backlight, manner/museum, fireworks, or party. A lot of options. In many of these you have the option of many other features.

Also, your new camera has a flash synch feature. You may want to consider using it for your flower pictures. A flashcan enhance your results significantly.A thorough read of the instructions, with particular emphasis on the features you use will make things much more clear.

But, lets see if we can improve your initial use experience. Remember that how you have set your camera is key. Your model features the following limits. So, remember that if you are going to zoom the lens fully, you need to be at least three feet from your subject.

normal/wide—3.9 in. (10 cm)–infinity
normal/tele—35.4 in. (90 cm)–infinity
macro/wide—3.9–35.4 in. (10–90 cm)
macro/tele—35.4 in.–6.6 ft (90 cm–2.0 m)

Also, when you zoom the lens any movement is greatly expanded and normal body movement can become an issue. Your camera has IS or Image Stability features to help, but since your are in a specific situation, i.e. flowers, consider using a tripod. The tripod will help you steady the camera and will also help reduce movements of nature, i.e. breezes, etc. If you move in close with the right settings you can set the camera timer then block the breezes while taking the picture. You can use color backgrounds to enhance the flowers colors, spray them with water, and lots of other options. If you add a flash, the flash will help you stop action and can provide needed illumination.

Give some of this consideration and meaure the distances at which you are positioned then try again. Since you have digital, you can shoot all day till you get the process you want just right.

Good luck Katie, let me know if you think I can help further.

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company

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Well Ron Baird of course gave you the perfect and exact info. To make it perfectly clear though. With my P850 Macro on full zoom, I have to be about 2 feet away for it to focus. If I am not zoomed in, I can be much closer, however I can get decent close up shots with the zoom and the 2 feet of distance.
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I've added an adapter thingy and put a +10 macro lens on the end of it.
That works and lets me get some very good close ups. It didn't cost much either and i bought it on Ebay. The adapter isn't the true Kodak adapter because it's 58mm and that's bigger than the normal Kodak one, but 58mm lenses aren't that hard to find and the macro set i bought also on Ebay isn't that bad either.

BTW just the fact that i am breathing makes it hard to keep the camera still when in macro mode.
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I have really been practicing with my P850, and I have found that somtimes, it just ain't gonna focus. So I experiment with zooming just a little, and sometimes that works. I shoot mine on the Macro settings, although, I have tried changing the settings based on what some folks have posted (I printed them out, so I couldn't tell you what I set it to). I bought a 4X HOYA 55mm lens on ebay for a few bucks, and I am trying that to see how it is.
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Use a tripod on macros!!

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