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my friend got a kodak z650 6.1mp the other day and we cannot figure out how to email or send the pics over msn. i went on the kodak tutorial site but it only showed how to email them off the camera when you plus it into the computer. anyone have any sugestions?

is there a way you can trancfer the pictures into my pictures in my documents insted of the kodak easyshare program?

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I have Easyshare 5.2. When I open the program there is a tab on the left for emailing a picture.

At the top I can choose Tools and then Preferences and then specify where the pictures are stored. If I remember correctly, the default storage location is a Kodak folder within theMy Pictures folder.

I don't know if that helps. If not then you may have to be more specific as to what email program you are using and what steps you are taking in trying to email the photos.
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I'll be able to tell you whether you can direct EasyShare to send the pictures to a folder of your choice in a couple of days. Friends just returned from vacation and I have to reinstall EasyShare and set it up for them.

You can copy the photos over to My Pictures yourself easily. If he has XP navigate to C/Documents and Settings/All users/Shared Documents/Shared Pictures/Kodak. Left click once on the Kodak folder so you see the individual folders. Edit > Select all. Edit > Copy. Right click on the My Pictures folder and select Paste. All of the pictures will be in My Pictures so you can work with them easily.

I would copy rather than move the photos. If you move them EasyShare can't find them unless there is a way to redirect it, and I don't know for sure whether you can do that.

Once you download the photos into the computer with EasyShare you should be able to e-mail them easily from the program though.

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Is it just me or is EVERY simple digital photography function made more complicated than it needs to be by using EasyShare? Combine this with using MSN, AOL and other virus-like internet programs and you create a real nightmare. I would recommend uninstallling EasyShare and simply emailing your pics as attachments with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, or the email client of your choice. I send and receive photos all day as part of my job and I can't imagine why you'd want to introduce some flakey middleman software into a very simple process.
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