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How did you take a pic of a moving bicycle with the background blurred and your brother completely in focus???

respond asap
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The post about shooting pics of moving cars describes how to do this. The method would be the same. It would take some trial and error to get the pic right...

Pic a location where you can focus on the street, sidewalk, or where ever, then have your brother ride past, follow him with the camera (pan with him). Using a slow shutter speed it should blur the background but keep him in focus. Boily tells how he took the pics of the cars, just follow what he says, and you should be able to do it. It's not easy, but practice doing this and you'll soon find that it will be..

Oh you must have a patient brother, there is the risk that he will get tired of riding past you many times....:-)

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You have to use a slow shutter speed and fallow the subject at the same speed with the camera while taking the picture!!

take a look at this post, it will probably help you:-)

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