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I have just replaced a Dimage 7i with the 7HI, because whenever i would zoom in/out you would hear the noise which the mechanism creates, only to find out that the 7hi does just the same.

Is this an inherent condition with the Dimage 7 or am i just so lucky to get two duds in a row (by the way, both cameras were purchased used).

Obviously in making movie clips, if you zoom in/out, the microphone will pick up the noise.

The noise is annoying of itself, but my concern is with weather or not is there because of a problem or just design.

I appreciate your help, for I need to decide weather to keep the camera or return it.

Thank you

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Sounds like Duds to me.......I had a 7i for years & it never made any sounds.
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Is it possible that some conflicting menu settings, may be creating this problem?
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I assume the noise you refer to is mechanical and not an electronic system type beep.

Fact is, the act of zooming should not make any noise. I had the original Dimage 7 and after years of use, the zoom broke. It turned out that under the rubber grip is a plastic ring that is attached to two metal levers that extend from inside the body. Zooming turns these levers, which in turn moves a cam inside the camera. The really weak point in this design is the plastic ring. In my case, the ring broke at the point of contact with the levers.

Once this happens, you cannot zoom anymore. At this point it is also unlikely you could get it repaired, at least not by KM and probably not by Sony either.

I would be very careful while zooming.

Not saying this is your problem, but you should be very mindful of this meterial design flaw in these cameras.
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