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Hello there,
I've owned a Dimage 5 since June 2005 but last November I ran into the following problems.

1. When I power the camera off the redpower indicator light comes on,a highpitched low volume whine/signal can be heard, which lasts a couple of seconds, and the camera shuts down. However, the lens will not retract into the body.

2. When I power the camera on the red power indicator light comes on and goes off again in a fraction of a second. (The green power indicator light does not come at all.) After about two more seconds the lens retracts itself into the camera and then immediately extends itself out again. At the telephoto end of the zoom I can get a clear picture. At the wideangle end, though, everything's atotal blur and I cannot focus.

I have complete access to all menus and have reset the camera to default mode butto no avail. I also have access to the picture review section, which is working fine.

The camera hasgotten a fair bit of use since I bought it but no serious knocks or bangs.

Before I send it for repair I'd like to know if there are any firmware fixes or ''secret'' key combinations that might rectify these problems.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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As the camera has no hardware resetkey or keycombinationthat I know of, I would suggest leaving it without batteries fora few days.

But I guess you sent it in already. Please come back with details from the service report.

Good luck!
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Old Jan 31, 2007, 12:01 PM   #3
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A few users have had this problem - I did with my Z3. Mine went in for repair and came back within two weeks - but that was before Sony took over.

Other users have suggested that a 'soft whack on the side' starts things moving again.

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Old Feb 4, 2007, 11:09 AM   #4
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Hi Tom

No there is no firmware updates available for this camera.

This does indeed sound like a hardware issue with the camera.
The camera will need to be sent to our repair center with a cover note stating the issue + a POP or invoice for the camera

The repair center address and telephone number is

JP Service Solutions
Johnsons Photopia Ltd
Konica Minolta
Hempstalls Lane
Newcastle under Lyme

tele no: 01782 75 3366

Razvan, Clive

The above reply is the only support that KM Support seems to offer so I suppose I

really should get to it and/or give it the 'soft whack on the side' that was recomm-

ended. I've had the batteries removed for some time now but no change.

Thanks for your efforts, though.


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Old Feb 23, 2007, 4:15 PM   #5
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There are other options besides manufacturer support. Such as:


My name is David, I have a customers Dimage Z5 here with this exact issue. From my experience I would say that this is definately a hardware issue - possibly a loosely connected flex or perhaps even a cold solder connection on one of the board components. I will try some skillful "soft persuasion" and see what I can get - however I am pretty sure this is a ramification of manufacturers switch to RoHS compliant materials.

Translation: Lead is the primary component of the material classicly used to connect chips and wires to electronics boards - kind of a metalic glue if you will called solder (pronounced saw-der). A couple of years ago a set of voluntary restrictions was adopted by most of the electronics industry which curtailed the use of hazardous substances in the manufacturing and construction of electronic products. Lead is one of these substances along with about 10 others. The biggest change that adoption of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) guidelines caused was the change from a lead-based solder to a lead-free solder. The problem? Lead solder is slightly elastic, like taffy. Lead free solder is brittle more like glass. Where older electronics products would have just flexed with the impacts and forces common to handheld devices the new lead-free RoHS compliant solder will fracture instead.

This causes issues like we are seeing here - flakey behaviors that can be affected by "mild persuasion". Unfortunately until manufacturers get more experience designing products taking into account the brittle nature of lead-free solder we will continue to see less dependable products then we did in the past.

I'll post back if I figure anything out - otherwise we will be forwarding this repair to the factory authorized shop for board-level troubleshooting or replacement.

David Millier
Camera Repair Techician
Advance Camera Repair Inc.
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Thanks, David. Every little bit of info helps.

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