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enforcerbr Jul 24, 2004 7:31 PM

So, I'm finally going to buy a new digital camera after two years with my Sony DSC-P31 ( only auto, 2 MP, no optical zoom etc ) in the time i've fiddled with it and my friends A70 I fell in love with photography and now I feel the urge to get something more "pro" with manual controls and all the likings.

After some research I ended up rounding my options down to: Canon A80 ( possibly A90 that should be announced in Photonika, semptember ) or the DiMage Z2 ( the Z3 is not a possibility since the price is too steep for me )

Im in brazil and the economy doesn't look too good here, 1 dollar = 3,2 of our currency and im looking to get this camera in december, but am starting the research right now so I wont regret it, the Canon A80 can be found for around 1200 bucks and the Z2 for around 1400 ( the Z3 will probably be like 1800 )

I love the SLR-like design of the Z2, the super zoom,the manual controls, the bulb mode, I am willing to live with the sound sync problem in videos by editing them with RadTool but my MAIN fear is the LCD switch problem, I dont really mind losing my viewfinder but I'd be pissed if my LCD was gone, since most cameras sold here are blackmarket I probably wouldnt be able to exchange it for a new one if this one broke down... High noise levels and some CA also bother me alot

The A80 has price as an advantage and faster shutter ( 1/200 ) as well as the fact that I'm very familiar with the camera and know the kind of images that it can provide, I'd love some insight from people who actually OWN the Z2 so they could tell me if the problems that worry me are for real or just "ammenities"

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