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I tested the write speed of CF media in my 7Hi using the High speed shutter drive feature, taking 6 exposures in sequence while I held down the shutter button. In both cases the camera started writing to the CF card in about 2 seconds; about 1-2 seconds later it finished taking the 6th exposure and stopped taking more. The big difference was in the time it took for the red light to go out; i.e. for the camera to finish writing to the CF card. My results:

Lexar 4x 512MB: roughly 23-26 seconds
Sandisk Ultra II 256MB: roughly 26-28 seconds

What amazes me is that the 4x Lexar is as fast or faster than the "Ultra II" Sandisk (or the Sandisk is slow as heck).

Can anyone tell me which is the case? How long does your D'image 7Hi take to write 6 exposures taken in High speed mode? With what type of CF do you get your results?

I further tested the two CF cards using a USB 2.0 card reader/writer. It took roughly 30 seconds to write a 97MB file from the PC to each CF card, with the "Ultra II" taking perhaps a second or two longer.

I also tested a 128MB standard speed Sandisk CF card...the same 97MB file took 90 seconds to write to the card. I guess I could be a lot worse off, but I still would like to know if the 4x is kicking butt or if the "Ultra II" is slacking off...

Would any of you mind duplicating this test for me? Or recommend an URL where such results are already compiled?


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There are some results here:

(read there for how thetests are conducted)



D7Hi Timings and problem reports (1.00 and 1.01 firmware)

80MB cards ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lexar 4X 23.9 Alan F.

128MB cards --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Apacer 36 Minh

Mr. Flash 24 Denis C.


Sandisk 128MB #1, SDCFB (Red/Blue label) 25.6 sec Blaine B.

Sandisk 128MB #2, SDCFB (Red/Blue label) 25.6 sec Blaine B.

Simpletech 33.8 Bob E.

Simpletech 28 David B.

192 MB cards--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lexar "12X" 18.4 Jay D.

Sandisk "SDCFB" 32.8 Jeremy

256MB cards --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Apacer P/N 81.20020.350 M/NAP-CF25611 37 Sven B.

AVL 16.8 Bob E.

Dane Elec C1256DVTO-03-TOM, 112702-964438 ( 2 cards) 20.3 sec Marcele (I have a few occasions were the camera did not see the card. Turning the
camera off an on again resolved this...)

Delkin e-film 23 Mike T.

Kingston High speed 9930152-001.A00 14.0 Tan T.

Kingston 256MB 9930243-001.A00 P693527X2 Assy in Taiwan 20 sec Nick ("unable to use card appears several times when I switch from recording mode to preview mode. After reformatting in PC, it can be used again.)

Kodak (2001) 29.0 Nuno M.

Lexar "12x" PN 2174 Rev A 14.7 Ray F.

Lexar "12x" PN 2175 Rev A 19.3 James d.

Lexar "pro 24x" 18 Sandy W.

No Name (Blue and White lable) PN2225 Rev A made in USA 17 sec Nuno M.

Ridata "20X" Card can't be used Bob E.

Ridata "20X" (2002) 13 David B.

Sandisk "Ultra" 27.4 Ray F.

Sandisk SDCFB-256-455 25.6 EJ V.

Simpletech 35.1 Bob E.

Transcend 14.0 Dave L.

Transcend My 256MB Transcend CF card stopped working after a few days."XXX" appeared in place of the frame counter and an "err" message displayed on the LCD screen. Got a replacement card which also displayed three x's right off the bat, so there must be a problem developing with this card and the D7Hi - Wolfgang

VCI 14 Stephen

Viking 21 Ling

320MB cards -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dane-Elec CF320-L-103101-14259 23.1 Mike G.

512MB cards -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dane-Elec THNCF512MCA(TOOCAB) 13.6 Hubert S.

Delkin Pro 12.5 Steven S.

Hagiwara HPC-CF512V 16 Tan T.

While using the Hagiwara card, sometimes I got "unable to use card message"

Kingston 9930244-001.A00 19.3 Allen L.

Lead data (type I) "512N14I" 25 Jens L.

Lexar "24x" "jumpshot" 13.0 Michael H.

Pertec 23.6 Olaf A.

PQI "Hi-Speed" 26 Minh

RiData CF 512MB (RITEK R28025SH): 12.2 sec. Hans-Jugen

Ritek/Ridata 12.8 Jeremy

Ridata "20x" (2 cards) 12.5 Mark L.

Sandisk 15.4 Rainer

Sandisk "ultra" 24.6 Rainer

Simple Tech Type II Took a few shots then card failed. Francis W.

Transcend CF (66394 SSA5 512MCF 0241 QC:2H): 12.0 sec. Hans-Jugen

Transcend 512MB "25x" (67622 SSA5 512MCF 0246 QC:2H): 12.9 sec. Hans-Jugen

Transcend ultra "25X" 14.5 Jens L.

Transcend "30x" (PN: TS512MFLASHCP) 25 Denis C.

Transcend Compact Flash "30x" 70057 KTN3 512MCP 0303 QC:55 24.5 Edward v.

Viking THNCF512MMA (910TS512CFMLC) 21 Eugene S.

(card failed after recording a movie, fixed by reformatting )

640MB cards ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Delkin Pro 640MB 11.8 Steven S.

1GB cards -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kingston CF/1024 19 sec John K.

Transcend 1GB "30x" (70053 KTN3 1GCP 0303 QC:5B): 23.0 sec Hans-Jugen

Microdrives ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

IBM Microdrive 1GB DSCM-11000 (KHN46612 27C): 12.6 sec Hans-Jugen

IBM 340MB DSCM-10340 12 Kevin E.

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