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jdysonjr Dec 1, 2004 9:47 PM

Can anyone explain why the Z10 seems to take better quality photos than the more expensive and feature rich Z3?

I want a fast camera for outdoor soccer games and general family photes. have been leaning toward the Z3, but the fuzziness of the images has me gunshy. The Z10 images I've seen look sharper - even without image stabilization. What gives?

sensovision Dec 2, 2004 11:19 AM

Hi jdysonjr! I'm not the owner of abovementioned cameras but I've used Minolta X20 (2megapxiel)before I got F200(4MP) and first time I've got same feeling that the photos looks sharper on my X20 than on F200 which have two times more pixels. From what I understand this problems come from the size of CCD(senrsor which capture light which in usual cameras is represented by film), these sensors are too small so it's pretty difficult task to project all the light captured by camera onto it.

Regarding your question if you choose between Z10 and Z3 I would simply made small experiement try to find two similar pictures taken on these two cameras, than resize picture taken on Z3 to the size of the one which was taken on Z10, I didn't do it myself but pretty sure that you'll get picture of the same quality and with less or more same amount of noise(one of the problem which plague Z3), if possible let us know what results you'll get.
Good luck!
BTW I'm looking forward to buy Z3 myself :)

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