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I few days ago I post a question asking for advice on a fitted case for the A200. I would like to thank everyone for their great suggestions!

I did some deeper digging into Konica Minolta's web site and realized they had listed the CS-DG701 as a fitted case. I called my local camera store and had it ordered. Two days later it arrived. What a great case. The A200 fits nice into it and it comes with a strap and a small smaller pouchthat holds anextra battery and an extra memory media. I got it for $50 (CDN funds).

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The Minolta MB-D1 for the A1/A2 will also do the job as the A200 is very close in size to these cameras.

The CS-DG701 is designed specifically for the A200.
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Old Feb 1, 2005, 1:24 PM   #3
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I've been looking around and discovered the Tamrac range.

The Digital 6 Model 5696 & Model 5200 & 5400 are also suitable for the A200 at very reasonable prices:

In the UK
5200 - £15
5400 - £13
5696 - £18

Haven't finally decide which one to go for.
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Catbells, I use the Lowepro d-res 50 AW for my A2. It also holds my TCON-17, spare NP-400battery, cf cards, battery charger, 6 AA's in the bp-400 grip adapter, 6 more AA's and the A2 with the BP-400 attached sits in the space in the upright position, nice and snug. The central 'wall' is movable. http://www.lowepro.com/Products/Shou...Res_50_AW.aspx



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Old Feb 19, 2005, 11:43 AM   #5
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I like the Lowepro Linx Lx120 for my 7Hi. The main compartment is slightly tapered downwards, and the camera goes in lens first. It fits fine with the lens hood on (it took me months to find out why the lens hood kept coming off, and some weeks to pluck up courage to give it that extra twist). The side pockets are big enough to carry spare batteries (and the charger, if you have to). You can use this case with a belt instead of the shoulder strap. Inside the main compartment there are small pockets (for memory cards?) and a further zip pocketin the "lid flap". They used to make the case in a black / silver combination, but currently its all black. I also use this case (I have more than one of them) for my SLR.

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Here is a picture of the pack I'm using as the "full set" bag for the A200. The camera fits nicely along side of the telephoto ACT-100, ACW-100 lens. Plenty of room left for shade, remote, batteries etc. The bag is theLowepro Orion Mini Beltpack Camera Bag. I've used the fully loaded bag on an all day hike and it was more cormforatble then my old EMS beltpack. Still, I'm in the market for a smaller beltpack that would be suitable for multiday hikes and would hold just the camera and extra batteries. Keep the ideas flowing here.

Best, Cliff

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Old Feb 27, 2005, 5:46 AM   #7
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I use a bag from Antler for my A200 (about £20, 30Euro). Unfortunately, I don't have the model number but a photo is attached. I bought this one because my wife wanted something as small as possible to carry around. The bag is in two parts, the main part is about the size of the camera (bit longer), 110x190 base, 150 overall height plus a front pocket. The camera sits back down, lens up, in the centre. The divider is movable.
The main thing for us is that it has a zip-on lower section, that attaches to the bottom of the bag when needed which is 50 high. I use this for mini tripod, cables etc and the battery pack, remote, lens cleaners etc go with the camera in the main part.

Hope its some help
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