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My two year old 7Hi started to automatically scroll through the pictures that are on the card. I tried different cards but same thing. I thought that it might be set on slideshow, but when I went to the menu to check it was scrolling through the menus too!! I sent it off to Minolta and got a letter back stating that they would fix it for a minimum of $200. Before I do that I thought I would ask if anyone else has had this problem. I'm also wondering if a firmware upgrade (or re-installation) would fix it. I don't know what firmware is on the camera now as the scrolling problem won't allow me to bring up the firmware version!!:sad:
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I don't think thatthe firmware, updated or not is anything to do with this. If it was, KM would likely know and adjust accordingly, I also doubt that they would tell you a repair was needed, even at the minimum of $200, when in fact it didn't. I'd like to think so anyway. Must say I've never heard of this before. The glitch could well be software related or a short circuit somewhere in it's guts. Maybe a button stuck, not the actual rocker button, but the contacts inside ?????

You could ask them for their diagnosis, they must have a vague idea to start at $200 minimum, and perhaps make inquiries elsewhere as the camera is out of warranty.

Sorry I can't be of further help.

Good luck,

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the 200 bucks is probably labour.

I paid 350 to have my dimage fixed and most of that was labour costs.
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