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the review of the K-M Z3 states that the 1200 ring flash can be used with the camera. It cannot. I just got off the phone with a senior tech at K-M. Neither the Z3 nor Z5 can be used; they are simply not made for accessories and neither has rings on the lens to accept an adaptor (I wanted to use a step-up ring). Both cameras have false threading.

That review has caused me an almost $500 problem.
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Now you know if you had contacted me directly thenI could modify the review text accordingly so others won't be misinformed too -- of course I will do that anyway to make the review accurate. We can only go on information given to us by the manufacturers when it comes to accessories that we don't have to test with the camera. You'd be shocked to discover how many errors we find on the manufacturer's web sites - nobody is perfect my friend.
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I would not base camera purchase on just one review, particularly if I had specific requirements. There are several sites that review cameras, as well as the manufacturers' own sites.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"If you have purchased the wrong camera, you may be able to talk the seller into a trade for the one you do want, possibly subject to a restocking fee. A number of retailers are willing to do this, as it helps to have good customer relations.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"brian
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Doh! Personally I would double check, possibly triple check any particular feature I was interested in, especially when it comes to add - ons.

certainly I think you could have approached this a little more dipolmatically!

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Quite right, Steve.

Keep up the excellent work.
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So, there's nothing new.

Read the reviews, but try the thing by yourself.
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