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I have a few tools available at my disposal for the reverse engineering of the a200 firmware:
VxWorks, IDA Pro Dissambler and Hackman Pro Disammbler.

I tried the lastest IDA pro on the A200 firmware but I need to know what type of processor does the A200 uses? I know that LSI is mentioned in a lot of places but not sure if it means that LSI logic co is the manufacturer of the chip or just LSI is Large Scale Integrated. I recall seen from the a2 firware that it uses MIPS so I want to know what processor does the a200 and the a2 use?

One thing i notice: the a2 software is compiled differently than the a200 (looks like the later is done with VxWorks and the former with PSOS again, does any one know?

IF i get some meaningful feed bak i can proceed to at least disassemble the firmware and see what i can do.I am first trying the a200 then i will with the a2
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The A200 has a 2/3 inch interlaced primary colour CCD with advanced LSI engine to reduce power consumption and suppressnoise, and a CxProcess III processor.

The A2 has it's predecessor, the CxProcess II.

I don't know if this is precisely what you need, but it might point you in the right direction.

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There was a thread on one russian forum. Some guy was offering reverse disasembly of A200 Firmware, but he said that it will cost $15/hour and approximately take 2 weeks (meaning8 hour work day). that is about 15X8X14=1680$, so no one replied for such money, you can get a mid level dSLR with good lenses

and even dissasembly won't help much, theese chips inside don't have any meaningful marking - usually only serial #.
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