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Sorry to hear that your Z6 was not working properly. Another long-zoom camera I have tried and liked a lot is the Kodak Z740. It is about the same size, 5 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, lots of different scene modes (if you are into that sort of thing). Check out Steve's review of the Z740. You should be able to get it for less than the Z6. The Panasonic FZ5 is another long-zoom, very high quality. The Canon A620 has gotten a lot of good press but it is only 4x optical zoom. Of course, if the store you bought from is a chain, you might be able to try another Z6 at another of their locations. Or at another store, if you got a refund. I am very happy with my Z6. No problems at near 1300 shots. In any event, good luck.
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To match theZ6 you are basically looking for a 10x or 12x zoom plus some sort of image stabilisation.

The panasonic FZ5 and Sony H1 (is that the right model ??) have both those things.

Also, the new Fuji S5200/S5600has a 10x zoom and although it does not have a stabilised lens, it has a capacity to shoot at high ISO, so produces some characteristics similar to stabilisation (i.e by shooting faster).

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I'd at least change that to "...advise against buying a Z6..." rather than slamming the whole company. Many of us actually have K-M cameras which have no problems.

adityam001 wrote:
Hi Norm
The EVF image is fine and also looks good when I half press the shutter to confirm the focus. Its only the capture thats bad. I am planning to return the camera and go for canon. I would strongly advise against buying a konica-minolta to everyone.
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