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You better uninstall that program, (or not install it at all) it's complete waste of HD space and time and does extremely crappy work.
Just compare Minolta DiMAGE Viewers output to that of real RAW converter:
Zoom page in browser to see better how big difference is.

There's no single reason to use such lousy software when there's much better real RAW converter available for free:
Rawshooter Essentials

Also older Minolta Viewers are equally crappy.

I've been doing few test with Rawshooter and RAWs from A2 and difference in accuracy and amount of details to in-camera processed JPEGs is crushing while their own software can't give any better results than in camera processing.
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Rawshooter essentials seems to me to be a very powerful tool at first look. I especially like how easy it is to fiddle about with white balance. Unfortunately, I'll only be using it in a limited fashion, as my workflow won't be incorporating RAW until the price of flash memory comes down a bit more.
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I currently have RSE, DiVu, Irfanview, ACR, and Raw Deal. With my D7hi, I have tried the RAW conversions from all of these, and compared them.

Divu provides the best out-of-camera color using the camera settings. The others need some tweaking of color temp, tint and saturation.

RSE has way too much default sharpening, which creates atrifacts, though this can be turned down and the settings saved, though I have yet to get decent detail without the artifacts. Good workflow, though.

Irfanview does a decent job but it's editing capabilites are limited.

ACR is what I use most now. The details are pretty good without artifacts. The color needs adjusting. The auto settings aren't too bad, if you're in a hurry. Workflaow is good.

Raw Deal gives the best quality images, but it takes quite a bit of messing around to get the results it is capable of providing. Interface is clumsy, and slow. I use this when I need to get the ultimate quality and detail from my camera, and am not in any hurry to do it.

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I use MRWFormat plugin, $20:-


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