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KCan Jul 15, 2002 1:54 AM

2708 shots with 1 set of battery!
No , it's not a joke.
By curiosity , I tested my D7i with my own method. Here are the details :

1) Test is done with 1 set of 1850mAh supplied batteries, full charged with the supplied quick charger ( batteries are on their second charge cycle)
2) settings are on manual exp. , manual focus , vivid color ( not intentionally )
3) some shots are in UHS 7fps mode , most are in 2fps mode , very few in 1 shot mode
In UHS , I fill the buffer eachtime , in 2fps, I shot until it slowdown , about 10 frames ??)
4) pic size are 2560 (except in UHS , in 1280 of course) , quality = STD
5) I use only PNY 128 M CF card ( the card with the best write time I have)
6) EVF set to auto , LCD off ( the LCD was on during one card delete operation , I was not aware of this , have to activate the EVF if you don't want the LCD to come on )
7) No flash at all
8) shutter sound effect on in UHS mode only ( if not, I am kind of uncomfortable , can't tell if it is taking pics or not , real quiet mode :D )
9) duration of the test : about 2h 1 day , then 1hrs next day

Frames count:
- UHS mode: subtotal 907 frames
- 2fps mode: subtotal 1203 frames ( few single shots time to time)

at this time bat low indicator came on , and UHS mode is disabled . Still , can do another run:
- 2fps mode: subtotal 598 frames ( few single shots time to time)

then the battery dies for good .
Big total : 2708 frames

I see that's amazing ! thought , I never use my cam with LCD off . I like to frame with the LCD . I had already 4 set of bat now.

I don't know about other cams , but I don't think this is a bad performance , 75 roll of 36 , whah!! my Metz will run out of battery before the D7 :o

NHL Jul 15, 2002 8:50 AM


Welcome back! At quality and image size settings though?

Oops didn't see it before, but fine is what most people shoot at...

[Edited on 7-15-2002 by NHL]

amazingthailand Aug 10, 2002 10:13 PM

I shoot in manual focus mode, auto exposure, LCD off, 1 min sleep time and highest size and quality for JPEG. I use a 256MB CF card. I also shoot in single shot mode.

With freshly charged 1800 mAh batteries, I average about 85 - 90 frames (no flash).

I'd be REAL happy to get 200+ shots on a set of batteries. Oh well!!

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