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Hello, I have not followed this board in a long time, so bare with me.

We have a 7Hi, but the following gripes as well:

* too many out of focus shots indoors, out doors is much better

* too many underexposed shots indoors with flash and auto mode

* poor low light ability to get a focus lock.

We love the camera otherwise and were wondering if the A1 solves these problems. We love the manualzoom and slr-like feel. I figure focus must be better with the more advanced focus in the A1? Your thoughts?

Also, is 1 battery sufficient with the A1 (how much life is expected, how much time to charge?)

What price can we expect to get for our 7Hi on ebay or where else could we sell it if we decided to upgrade. There's nothing wrong with it, just trying to upgrade.
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Old May 14, 2004, 6:19 AM   #2
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I had the exact same issues. I upgraded to a Fuji S7000 and it works much better and takes good shots. The flash is much more powerful.

The DiMage A1 and A2 have the same flash so you get the same flash results. The S7000 has a range of 25' and gives very crisp pictures.
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Old May 14, 2004, 2:21 PM   #3
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Same issues with my 7Hi, and now I'm also looking at replacing it with another make as I'm not happy with the build quality.

Problems I've now got after owning it for 18 months,

1. The rubber hand grip keeps peeling off

2. The rubber focus ring around the lens is now loose and moves about

3. The built in flash (which had cracked and been repaired under warranty) now produces a shadowwiththe standard lens hood fitted at anything under about 80mm. I've had the hood fitted since new and never had a problem before.

My Minolta 35mm SLR which I've had twice as long and used much more is still perfect.
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I feel your pain:

Sent my 7I back twice and they didn't get the camera fixed. They finally upgraded it to a 7HI. Constant out of focus problems, poor flash images and some of the settings didn't work right on the 7HI. The noise was very bad also. Sent it back to Minolta and when they returned it supposedly fixed, I sold it on EBAY not willing to go through the same hassles any more. The purchaser loves the camera and I gave them a good deal.

Purchased a Canon G5 which I really liked but it had a lot of red eye and purple fringe although besides that the images looked much better than the Dimage. Traded it back in after seeing the S7000.

No purple fringe, No Red Eye, Great flash range. About the only thing I didn't like is that the compression on the 6MP setting is two high so you get a lot of noise if you take 6MP pictures. However the 12MP setting produces great photos. It still has some noise at 12MP if you look at them 100% but if you look at them 66% or as 6-8MP images, they are very crisp. Its by far the best camera I have owned. If I had decided I had to stay with a Minolta Brand, I probably would have opted for the Z2 which seems to have a very good flash and the pictures look good.

I think the Dimage 7HI,A1,A2 just isn't up to par with the competition in many settings. The only acception would be if you put ona hotshoe flash which some do to compensate for the weak built in or if you using it strictly for a Macro camera which it does a very good job at.
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