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Minolta rating is pretty consistent across all three cameras 7/7i/7hi: 200 to 220 per set:

Number of recording: 220 frames
Continuous playback time: 120 minutes

Even dpReview get 260 shots with some flashes on with only 1600mAh battery:


The flash does take power away from the camera for normal shot, but that's the same on any camera. Try a different charger (one that can get the batteries really warm like a 1hr Rayovac) otherwise I would send it in... On some of my other chargers leaving the cover open also help; otherwise it'll shut-off earlier because of the heat build up (and undercharge the batteries).

Also earlier on this year, I realized after I helped a friend out with his D7i with similar problem, what his problem was. He used small 128/256Mb CF cards with his camera: This camera is so fast that they don't use separate smaller thumbnail files. Well, each time he reviewed and deleted pictures to optimize his storage, he displayed a 9x9 matrix (the camera has to perform 9 reads), he deleted a picture (1 write), and then the camera displayed another 9x9 matrix (another 9 reads), a total of 19 cycles robbing power away from the picture taking part of the camera (which only requires 1 write cycle per picture in principle).

I use the microdrive (ie never review any picture) since I can get up to 500-600 frames with 1G, and also don't use instant playback since this also slows down the camera (and wastes another read cycle)! Use on-demand QuickView instead...
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