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Steve Z Nov 10, 2002 10:45 PM

7Hi "Controls" Questions
I have two questions about specific controls on the 7Hi.

First, what is the the Pro Auto Button used for? The owner's manual doesnt really get into a lot of detail about this feature. Do any of you 7Hi owners use this button? When? Why?

Second question: Spot AE-Lock Button (situated just below the main switch/mode dial). I understand what this is for, but why would someone need to use this? Also, it only works when the the camera's metering mode is set to "Spot" mode. Again, the owner's manual doesnt tell you this. Isn't it redundant to use both the Spot AE-Lock Button with the "Spot" Metering Mode?


Binji7 Nov 11, 2002 5:53 AM

As for the the 'pro auto button', you have fiddled with every control in every menu and you just can't get a decent picture now (you got the shutter speed set to 1000 and the apature set to 9.5 and wonder why indoors you can't see anything in the LCD/EVF :shock: ) Hit the pro auto button and it resets you back to program mode, and other 'point and shoot settings, so u can start taking pics again!

As for 'Spot AE', if you have it set for 'AE Hold' for example, the exposure will be locked for a series of shots. This is VERY useful when trying to take shots that later will be stiched together for a panoramic. Have you every seen a panoramic with alternating sections of that are easily +1 or -1 exposure apart. That's why, every time you take a new shot without AE Hold in use, the camera sets the exposure based on what meter mode u are in: spot, center weighted, or matrix. If you move to take another shot, even of the same general area - the camera will change the exposure rate and try to give u the 'best' exposure - which may not be the same as the previous shot. That's why u want to use AE hold.

Sorry for the long post, But I hope that helps!!!

NHL Nov 11, 2002 8:28 AM

You'll find there's a lot of redundant functions on the D7's, or short-cuts! For example one of the less well documented feature of the shutter release is: If the shutter button is held halfway after an exposure, the exposure value, the AF point, including the DMF override are locked in from the previous shot.

That is if you shoot fast moving targets like kids or pets. Don't release the shutter past the 1st detent, you can then click your merry way as fast as you want in the single frame mode, the camera doesn't re-focus or re-compute a new exposure value! (ie it works the same as AE and AF lock button combined).

Ditto on manual, the camera is very responsive and more like a film SLR...

Steve Z Nov 11, 2002 3:56 PM

Very interesting. I never realized some of these things. Thanks, guys!

NHL Nov 11, 2002 4:44 PM

... and don't forget the memories settings. They also allow you to jump from one mode to another very quickly without having to fiddle with the multiple knobs.

For example one can set a memory location for shutter priority, another for aperture priority, and still another for manual. By using the recall you can jump quickly to thoses modes with the speed or aperture already preselected when stored in memory initially. BTW the memories also remember compensation values as well as picture size, their respective quality settings, and numerous other parameters... (such as various sharpness/contrast for noise reduction, or color/vivid filters for example).

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