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videobruce- well at least you had the courage to own up to your mistake which is easy done. But if you'd said the camera will fire up after a week, we'd probably have politely suggested some 'operator error' or confusion. Sometimes even d.c is not always d.c. Sleep circuits may actually be pulsing, so you have to be careful - that's why my first meter of choice is an AVO 8 - lots of damping, then I usually take a peek with a 'scope and lo-ohm shunt, just to make sure.

Anyway, everybody is happy now that the right numbers have fallen out and your camera can sit with its batteries still holding some charge after quite a long time. As for the juice, well most of it is probably going into the display backlight and I'll bet you liked the larger display?, so if you can work with that off as much as poss then that will help. Now you can measure the current I'll bet you see that drop to about 650mA with display off. Continuous focus modes can push up power as well. Flash re-cycle when using deep flash is also very heavy on juice, on top of what you already get!

The thing I find most curious about re-chargeables, is if you put them through a continuous high drain, like leave the camera display on for long periods, the batts don't hold up well. But keep turning the power on and off (or display) and they appear to last a long time. It could just be psychological as I don't have a watthour meter connected to my battery pack! perhaps NHL has some suggestions.
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