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Default 7HI - A Question of Focus?

I have used Minolta film cameras for over 20 years and have enjoyed their quality. I shoot portraits on location and in a studio. In the last 6 months I purchased the 7HI. Maybe I am getting old, but the images taken with the 7HI don't seem to be crisp and in focus. I am curious, is anyone else experiencing this? Or, maybe there is an issue with my specific camera? I have used a tripod, but still find the image quality a bit soft. The 7HI packs a great set of features into the camera, but if the image is soft they are of little worth.
Your responses and comments are much appreciated.

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Have you try to change the sharpness setting to +?

... the problem with in camera sharpening is you'll lose some picture info, and it's best to do USM in Photoshop (or similar program) afterward! Most camera even my 10D tend to be soft just to be on the safe side.
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It's the one thing that really annoys me about my 7Hi, flesh tones seem to cause the autofocus problems. Facial shots taken of my kids with their faces covering about 20% of the frame are always soft or noticeably out of focus, if I change the focus area from the overall facial area to say an eye or their hair it improves.

I took some shots tonight of my sons back as he's getting stretch marks and the camera would not take an in-focus shot without me having to use the manual overide. Give it some inanimate object or focus on a persons clothing and it's much happier.

I had wondered if it was because the skin is a fairly even colour without any really high/low reflective differences.
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I preordered the A1 and it's suppose to ship tomorrow and since I'm going to do mainly portraiture, I'm concerned about the flesh tone issue with the DHi and if there will be a similar problem with the A1. I have only 10 days to return it if there is a problem. Has anyone else had issues with skin tones?
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