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Hmm. I have had my 2100 for quite a few months now and I simply dont/havent had time to learn how to use it correctly and am still on point and click.. (experimenting with macro)

My wife now wants to get into photography and I was going to give her the c2100 and my have the 7hi. But having investigated more I don't know if thats the one.

Looks like I need good point and click with x7 optical zoom and 4 or 5mp

Any ideas anyone ?
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Old Jan 18, 2003, 2:08 AM   #12
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Default D7xx Advantages

A few comments:

1. The extra resolution will more than compensate for the shorter zoom. Also the 7xx has a 2X in-camera digital zoom, but you will get better results by using a photo editing program that has image enlargement through resampling. Crop first then pump it up.

2. If you're satisfied with an 8x10 from 2MP, then you can get a 20x30 of similar quality. But wait 'til you see an 8x10 (or 11x14) from 5MP!

3. As to add-on lenses, here are a couple links that might be of interest:



4. Noise/grain is not a problem at 100 ISO, but for telephoto action you will probably want 400 ISO. However, the noise can be signicantly reduced with programs like Neatimage or DCEnhance.

Hope this helps.

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Ho wow. I already have the B300 for my c2100 I didnt realise I could use that. Good news indeed. the extra MP and b300 should be enough.

Is it OK for point and clcik or am I going to ahve to get more involved?

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Old Jan 23, 2003, 10:20 PM   #14
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There is another trick that is very useful and is using the AF/AE button to lock autofocus.
In Setup mode, set the AE/AF menu to "toggle".
Now, when you point the camera to an object that is the right distance and press the AE/AF toggle button. The camera autofocuses and "locks" the focus. There is no shutter lag when you subsequently press the shutter. I feel this is more convenient than holding the shutter button halfway down.

And just fyi, the AE/AF button is the one in the top right hand corner of the back panel. You'd typically manipulate this with your thumb.
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Albert... Right on! the AE/AF toggle mode is actually perfect for slow shots as well like Panoramas where it's difficult to hold on to the shutter. BTW One can still overide the AF directly with the manual focusing ring for fine tuning in the AE/AF toggle mode
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Another sample shots from my classic D7 (ug), using manual focus.

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