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Default 7Hi for studio use. (Head shots,Portraits).

I'm trying to make a decision on the 7Hi mostly for studio use. (Head shots,portraits). Anyone have a comment on image quality for 8x10s or on the noise levels at iso 100?

Thanks... David
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The D7's have an absolutely wonderful lens that is capable of producing extremely sharp images. You will have no problem making 8x10's. I have made 16x20's that are beautiful.

At ISO 100, under fairly normal light levels, noise will not be a problem. Have not looked at solid colors (ie: a pure red background), but on a normal varied background, no problem at all.

Hope that helps.
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You'll also find with the D7's, that when put in manual for studio shoots (ie with external studio flashes), it's EVF unlike the competions, can be overiden to an auto-brightness mode that works really well in darkened studios...

Check the others camera threads for all the hooplas that thoses owners have to go through with external flashes or studio strobes! BTW the 7i/hi can also control wirelessly several external 5600HS-D or 3600HS-D with different ratio!
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Much thanks for the info gentlemen!

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Default 7i for studio work

I just went through the exercise of setting up a set of "portable" SP studio strobe lights with my 7i, with some helpful advice from amazingthailand. The camera works very well with these lights. Just be sure you have plenty of modeling lights or the auto-focus won't work. Here is what I wound up with:

Two larger Studio Pro Model 150 strobes with modeling lights and umbrellas, one at full power, one at half power, to the right and left sides of the subject.

Two small Studio Pro Model 147VP strobes at 1/4 power. One for a hair light, located at near ceiling level and aimed down and forward onto the subject from the back. One for a background light, set low and just behind the subject - aimed upward at the background.

The camera was set to manual exposure, 1/2000 sec and f8 to f5.6 depending upon the positions of the Model 150 strobes and the subject. The camera automatically sets it's self to ISO 100 equivalent in manual exposure mode. I used the 7i flash at 1/16 power to trigger the studio strobes, which can be triggered with a cable or as slaves.

Amazingthailand told me that he made a full series of comparison shots with his 7 in all the different storage modes and couldn't see any difference between super fine (tiff, which is an uncompressed file mode) and fine (jpg, which is a compressed file mode) storage. Above he mentions that he hasn't tried this with a single colored background. My experience in the past is that with a large area of an evenly colored and evenly lit subject like skin or a background you will see "drop outs" with jpg but not with tiff. You probably won't even see it in 99% of your shots if you use low compression for your jpgs, such as the 7 series cameras use, but at higher compression ratios the drop outs quickly become apparent. In any case, 8x10 prints shouldn't be a problem, even with some cropping. Just be sure to use a good photo quality printer, with paper and ink from the printer manufacturer for the best results.
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I thank you as well Don. Much needed useful information from all of you.
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