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Upalms Aug 14, 2002 12:12 AM

7i CF card storage limits
We just got our 7i, and quickly realized our old 64meg CF and the 16meg included weren't going to cut it, We need more storage in the camera. Can any one tell me how many pictures a 256, 512 and 1meg card will hold set on Fine and Super fine? I'm trying to decide wheather to buy a smaller card and a remote storage device, or just one big card. Can I get away with a 512, or will I need a 1G, considering the cost, or should I just buy a 256 with a storage device and just download as I go. I use the camera for work and personal use, and would like to hold a max of 3 - 400 pictures
PS any thoughts on Microdrives and remote storage devices would be appreciated

padeye Aug 14, 2002 12:18 AM

1gb microdrives have dropped enough in price to make them extremely cost effective. I got mine at D-store for $235 D-Store

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NHL Aug 14, 2002 6:48 AM

I second Padeye as well. This camera has the best combination: Microdrive and cheap NiMh, benefit from it!

Life is full of risk, don't let anybody scare you about it crashing (so is your PC). I have one microdrive for almost a year, and just bought a 2nd MD over 512MB card! The reason being, I'm anticipating my next camera purchase which will need it even more: 128Mb/256Mb used to be plenty in my 990 just a year ago, now they are a pain to use in the D7, just like film camera where you have to constantly load films and plan your shots around their limitation! In another year or two they'll probably be relegated to the 64/32/16Mb status like you're finding out now. The microdrives are both cheap and fast, and most people can shoot all day with one (500+ shots at full resolution fine JPEG) and never have to worry about running out of film. Isn't that the whole idea of going digital? That's what I call convenience, just a spare set of cheap NiMh and you are all set!

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BTW. 128Mb = 49 frames, 256Mb = slighly over 100 (camera estimate for fine jpegs, your mileage may vary). For RAW divide thoses number by 4, TIFF (Super fine /7) is useless in my opinion and you can get it from the RAW output on the PC and save memory, time, and battery life on the camera...

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