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Rod Bruckdorfer Mar 8, 2004 8:39 AM

7i Exposure Help
My brother uses a Dimage 7i to photograph his artwork and is having difficult obtaining vibrant colors. After viewing several images (TIFF file format) with the Dimage Viewer as well as Photoshop (sRGB color card), I have come to the conclusion he may have set the camera incorrectly. On further investigation, only images of his work lack good color and contrast. All other images have good color, etc. The colors in his artwork images are flat as shown below. I do not own a Dimage 7i hence I need help solving the problem. Is this a white balance problem or color setting problem. The lighting is indirect sunlight.

The work is painted on a tooled copper base sheet and coated with many layers of colored glaze. Because the colored layers are rather transparent, I am wondering if the copper base sheet is affecting the light meter reading.

The image is a small slice of a large work.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



videobruce Mar 8, 2004 11:09 PM

Has he tried increasing the exposure by 1/3 f stops?

NHL Mar 9, 2004 6:17 AM

The meter reading doesn't affect color, but its brightness... :wink:

On the D7i you can pick several colorspaces, make sure he's on sRGB, AdobeRGB will make any color dull if he doesn't follow through in post-editing. There's also an sRGB "vivid" setting which will increase the color vibrancy, and the camera saturation can also be increased (up to +3)! 8)

... and there's the digital effect wheel where you can select several color filters: he could be on red where this might neutralize some of the red. :?

Rod Bruckdorfer Mar 9, 2004 7:07 AM

Thanks for the help. I will pass the information along.

Good Suggestions.


slipe Mar 9, 2004 9:14 AM

Make sure he is shooting in raw. With raw he can adjust things like white balance and saturation in the Dimage software just as if it were being adjusted in the camera. And he can get feedback of what the image will look like while he is doing it.

After you get it as good as you can in the Dimage software take it to an image editor. The second is with just auto-levels and some sharpening and the third is just a tad of color selection. You can make it look just about any way you want. Or easily adjust certain parts individually.

Rod Bruckdorfer Mar 9, 2004 10:13 AM

Problem Solved
Problem Solved:

The image was shot against a light background using multi-segment metering mode. The camera adjusted the exposure to give the best image for highlights, midtones and blacks, hence the highlights "won out" and the subject of interest was under exposed. The camera was "right" but the white background filling about 1/3 of the viewing area was the wrong choice. Next time, he will meter on the subject either in center-weighted mode or lock the exposure after metering the subject only.

I discovered this my reading the histogram and file data with the Dimage Viewer. In the histogram there were three large peaks in the highlight area. I clipped the histogram to remove the highlight peaks then applied a slight S-shape to the gamma curve using adjustment layers and WOW, the colors "popped" and the image detail was preserved.

Shooting in RAW is a good suggestion but my artist brother is rather pushed for time these days. Further, the techno stuff, is not his bag.

I have quickly read the Dimage 7i manual and looked at the Viewer. Minolta produced a fine camera. I just purchased a Sony F717, as the Minolta was more than I wanted to spend. The F717 is a nice camera but does not have the features of the 7i nor can one capture images in RAW. The RAW format is the way to go for serious work.

Again, Thanks for all the help. It is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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