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Default 7i Questions

I am thinking of purchasing a 7i and have two areas of concern. One is the "heat issue". How hot are we talking about, and does it get hot simply from being on or only when taking and saving pics? I've heard that it has something to do with the CF card, which would indicate that it is related to saving etc. Second, is the idea of having to run pics through Minolta's software. I am just wondering what kind of time this takes. Say you had 100 pics you just shot, how long would it take to "process" those so they would be ready to e-mail, etc? Hope these aren't "stupid" questions, any info would be appreciated.
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It does not get hot, 'warm' is more like it. All high speed electronic dissipate heat, think of it as a Pentium and the D7 is the metal heatsink made to conduct the heat out from the camera. If the camera is made of plastic then you would feel it since platic is not a good heat conductor. I seldom notice unless you try to feel where it's coming from! This heat issue has also been beaten to dead by all its owners by well over a year now so this is hardly new... Also see Myths.

Running through DIVU is a matter of preference, you do not need to especially with the new D7i which is more bias to sRGB (for PC world). Personally I prefer the D7 wider color space than sRGB! A printer printout is not optimized for sRGB nor is an Apple display for example... Let the photographer decide, and not like other manufacturers conveniently truncate the data for you. However if you elected to convert then it take about 10s/picture (1.2G AMD), but it all depends on your PC speed. A Pentium 4 can do it for less and a 166 MHz Pentiun II can take a little bit longer...

To resize for Email I use IRfanview, it does a batch process of all the pictures in a few seconds.

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If I had not had heard all these urban legends about the
Dimage 7 and 7i I would have never noticed the slight warmth
issue around the grip. So far I've only noticed it around the
'Spot' button, never on the grip itself.
As far as using the DIVU software, I have not found a need,
the images look fine to me right from the camera so I've never
actually processed any images with DIVU. I have heard
that the 7i produces a colourfield that is closer to sRGB than
the 7 but Of course everyone has different preferences so you
may think otherwise.
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Minolta is not usually a name associated with cameras, people even saw (or remembered) more of their adds on copiers than anything. Folks even assume the 'other brand' is better when the camera is not even available for review yet!

May be a little bit of history help, since this innovative technical company is very poor @ marketing:
- Which manufacturer came out with the 1st Autofocus SLR ?
- Invented the widely used 'custom functions' (personality cards) ?
- First with multiple-controlled TTL Wireless flashes ?
- Or first use of powered Zoom on SLR (to keep aspect ratio constant) ?

Just as I'm doubly sure that theses are not the last of the 'old wives tales' labeled on the D7(i) !!!

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Default 7i Questions

Just got my 7i recently and wouldn't have noticed the "heat problem" if I hadn't read about it in the forums. Also, the photos directly from the camera are quite good. I use Photoshop 7 for soem minor tuning, but it hasn't really been needed.
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Default Dimage 7i

How about some basic tests to put a new Minolta D7i through out of the box to calm "I hope this one's a keeper" jitters?
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Default heat issue

had a d7 have a 7i. if you start doing large images in a short time, (aka) heavy buffer to card transfers, the undocumented right handwarmer feature becomes more and more apparent. think of it as a free extra for winter shoots.
other then that i love it. with this camera i have gotten better images than the 7. moving shots especially. its no f5 but when shootin the shamu show at seaworld fl it surprised me. ref: sports photo thread post 7/6/2002 22:00

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