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Old Mar 30, 2004, 4:52 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by John G.
I don't have a C-8080 but I don't want to rule out the A2 for my next purchase. I want to be totaly convinced I'm picking the right one.
So why not stir up the water a little bit, instead of asking the same old generic question...Which camera should I get.
The C-8080 !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
(The A1/A2 will be too much for you)
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Old Mar 30, 2004, 8:50 PM   #22
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John G wrote:
I don't have a C-8080 but I don't want to rule out the A2 for my next purchase. I want to be totaly convinced I'm picking the right one.

The best way to convince yourself is to go to a real camea shop (as opposed to a big box appliance/electronics shop) and test both cameras in person. Get the feel of each in you hand, take your own test shots, print them on your own printer or at your favorite processing outlet...and then buy what you think is best.

Otherwise just go out and buy the 8080 and convince yourself that you are happy with it.
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Old Mar 31, 2004, 10:20 AM   #23
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I'm sorry for being to aggresive <<<like a bull rushing through the streets of Spain>>>in the Minolta forum.
Thanks for all your comments.
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Old Apr 21, 2004, 5:17 PM   #24
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A puzzlement. Having read a great deal about the A2 I emailed Minolta and asked two questions:

1. Please comment on reports of problems in quality control

2. Advised your evf gives out at about 3000 shots and, more important, that you sent it back without a fix and without a comment.

Minolta did not get to me the first time so I Emailed again and got back the only the short comment that they've had no problem with the evf.

And they gave me an email address that was so long and complicated that I stopped trying to copy it and wish them the same.

What's going on?

Jim Cohen
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Old Apr 21, 2004, 9:42 PM   #25
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I'm thrilled with my A1! Beautiful pictures. A quality, full function camera. Saw the local newspaper photographer looking at me, out of the corner of his eye, at an event yesterday. Heh
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Old Apr 22, 2004, 6:23 PM   #26
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i suppose this is too soft for you. its only an A1 though.

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Old Apr 22, 2004, 6:39 PM   #27
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you know i've discovered one thing about email when i get hundreds of them it gets a little difficilt to concentrate on then and give specific answers.

when i want an answer i pick up the phone and call. with minolta i call around wednesday so we don't wait too long and then i get a then within a reasnoable time and we talk. i can usually get the answers i need.

now if your looking for a company to tell they're having a problem with a component and that failure is possible if you buy it. no company will say that. what they will do is if you do have a problem they will make it right. that is what a warranty is for just in case. they will back the product and repair or replace as required. i have personally gone trough every generation of this series from th 7 to the A1. not one has failed and is still in use by friends i have sold them to. it will occur on occasion. my first EOS1Ds out of the box failed on the first shot. yes i was bummed. i wrapped it up and returned and reordered it so i could do a job on the weekend. things do happen. high end cameras are not immune.
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Old Apr 22, 2004, 6:56 PM   #28
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artifacts and noise- all digital cameras produce some levels of noise. now there are 3 ways of dealing with it.
1) in camera noise reduction- an option i do not accept so it is off on all my cameras that allow for it. why? depending on a whole lot of factors different levels of reduction may be required fo rdiffernt shots i want to choose that.
2) external NR using either NI4 or noise ninja. amuch preferred method control control control.
3) shoot RAW which removes the image from any internal processing path (which introduces your noise and artifacts) and again gives you control over your image quality.


iso 640 - considered an unaccepable speed for a 1DS by some.
hand held
slow shutter
a dash of NI4

a camera is only as good as the person using it and understanding of its operation and its limits. i shoot with a 1DS at iso 1000 occasionally and get good results. the most limiting factor to most shooters is themselves.
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Old Apr 23, 2004, 9:33 AM   #29
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Default A2 Owner reply

I've owned my A2 for about 3 weeks now. I love it more and more every day. It is true what they say about it exhibiting some purple fringing and excessive noise. The fact of the matter is, ALL the 8mp's will have this and it isn't NEAR as bad as what you've read. As long as you are willing to only use ISO 64-200 you will be fine. The purple fringing can be easily fixed in PS. I only shoot in RAW, and then post process with PS CS. The picture quality is great. You can check out a couple pictures Iíve taken by visiting www.photosig.com and searching for member JayRob. I would paste the link to my pictures but am writing this from lunch and canít access Photosig from work. I think I have 3 pictures from the A2 posted. The last one shows the detail the camera is capable of exhibiting. The better acquainted I get with the A2 the better the pictures are. This camera is better than what most people's potential is. Chances are if you are reading this, the A2 is a powerful enough tool for you. Otherwise you would be a full-blown professional and looking at the Kodak 14mp or Canon 1D and be willing to spend $10K for the body and lens. This camera has a wealth of valuable features. I've shot with all the 8mp cameras and the A2 was the most comfortable, and had the fastest RAW shot times. I love it and think you will too if you are willing to learn how to use it.

p.s. I will try to remember to post the exact link to Photosig when I get homeÖ
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Old Apr 30, 2004, 9:41 PM   #30
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I sent my new A-2 in after KM responded to my inquiry about too soft images, ragged edges and out of focus issues I could not overcome. They asked me to send it in to NJ. I did this afternoon.

I want very much to love this camera. Antishake means a lot to me. I even have a 3 year old Olympus C2100UZ 2.1 mp with image stabilization and I love it. It's just that it is old hat now.

I have a favorite Minolta Maxxum SPxi 35mm film camera and lenses. I was happy to learn that the new KM dSLR will use the same Maxxum lenses. It is due out in the USA at the end of this year after going on the European market about now. Even though I plan on buying the KM dSLR as soon as it is available, I just had to jump on this A-2 after so many great reviews. My heart was broken however.

I am a little disappointed that KM quality control lets so many out the door like mine. Harley Earl and Lee Iococca types should come to work at KM and shake up KM production ops: and tell them what quality control is really all about.
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