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How would you compare the pro/con of the A1/A2 vs. Canon's Pro1?

I am a 7Hi owner who's been a little disappointed with indoor shots (blurred and darker than I'd like as well as limited flash range, either too bight on the subject and dark everywhere else or just plain too dark)

Any custom setting recommendations for the 7Hi indoors would be appreciated.

As we are learning, we shoot primarily in Auto, Aper. pri, or Shut pri. modes.

Would upgrading to the A1 or Pro1 solve any of these problems (especially for my wife who's 100% P/S user.

We really like the manual zoom and feel we took much better pictures with our lowly Nikon N60 slr in our film days.

The 7Hi appears to excel for us outdoors, but indoors (most of our kid shots) struggles.

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You might consider just getting a flash attachment. You will get much better flash shots even with a non-dedicated auto flash unit.

Nothing will solve the problem of dark backgrounds if the subject is properly exposed. I think the reason it was probably less of a problem with your 35mm is that film has a larger exposure latitude.

The A1/A2 would allow you to take more available light shots indoors if you could avoid subject movement. That would give even exposure of the subject and background. Otherwise I think your problems will be similar with any digital with a built-in flash. The Pro 1 has a stronger flash than the Minoltas, but nothing spectacular.
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I agree with the comments above about getting an external flash. The builtin flash just has no power.

However, inside under dim lighting conditions is going to give the AF system fits. Even though the AF in the A1/A2 is presumably better than that in the D7Hi, it will still have problems in low light situitations - as will the AF of just about all cameras.

So trying to use AF indoors under dim light with a fast moving subject (kids) is going to be very difficult. You might try setting manual focus to a specific distance and then just shooting when the subject is the correct distance away. In manual focus mode the camera should respond almost instantly to a shutter release press (assuming the flash is ready to go).

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I have a D7i and like having the focus distance in the viewfinder and EVF when in manual focus. One of the big shortcomings in my FZ10 is that it doesn't have the distance readout, the LCD and EVF don't brighten in dim light and it doesn't autofocus as well as my Minolta in low light. The flash is also weaker so you really need an external flash – presuming you can find a way to get it focused. I could live with the weak flash, dark EVF and poor autofocus if they had put the focus distance in the viewfinder. It is pretty easy to judge the focus distance with a little practice.

So things could be worse for your family indoor shots – you could have bought a FZ10. Great camera for outdoors but not a good all-round or only camera.
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