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cczych Apr 2, 2004 12:35 PM

A1 Hang or Error - anyone see one?
Ever since getting my camera back from repair for a different problem (search my posts if interested) - I occasionally see one of two problems with my A1:
1) When I press the shutter - the camera "Hangs" in the following manner: The top monochrome data LCD Backlight lights up and stays on and depressing any buttons (including power) has no effect. The LCD viewfinder has no display when this happens. The only solution seems to unplug and replug the battery.
2) When I press the shutter the camera shuts down with "Error" displayed on the Monochrome data LCD. Power down and up recovers.

I see one of these problems in a out of every 50 shots - approximately. After having to send my camera in TWICE for repair for my previous problem I'm afraid to do so again - especially since the problem is intermittent.

If these problems continue - I will probably have to call support and re-submit my camera for repair - but will wait a month to do so as I have some events coming up for which I want to have my camera for.

Has anyone else seen either of these problems?

cczych Apr 5, 2004 12:28 PM

I got the expected response from Minolta - ....send the camera in for repair.....
My A1 is spending more time in for repair than in use. :cry:

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