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aiannar974 Oct 6, 2004 7:22 PM

I have seen some negatives about the softness of the A2. Should I upgrade from my A1?


jawz Oct 6, 2004 10:05 PM

I got my A1 as an upgrade to my old Oly c3020 cuz I needed the wide-angle end of the A1's 28mm--200mm zoom range. The 5 Mpx and AS features were icing on the cake.

When I bought my A1, the A2 didn't exist and wasn't even hinted at.

Now having had the A1 for nearly a year, I am still in awe of its capabilities. I personally find no compelling reason to replace it with an A2.

I don't need the extra Mpx, I don't need the higher battery consumption, I don't need (but it would be nice) the higher EVF resolution.

That being said, if I didn't already have my A1, and knowing what I know now about the benefits of AS, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or buy an A2 straight away today.

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