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Technophile Mar 29, 2004 6:15 AM


Originally Posted by John G.
:wink: Olympus C-8080 :wink:

From looking at the review comments I think the Oly would be a pain in the a*se to use. I've got a 4 year old 2500L which produces excellent pictures but I keep having to refer to the handbook - despite the fact that it has limited features. The A2 is in a different league. It's strange that Olympus, who have a long history of camera manufacture, should get this wrong.

John G. Mar 29, 2004 5:25 PM

I know that posting in the Minolta Forum refering to the Olympus C-8080 would bring negative coments but one should consider all options before making a major purchase.

The Oly is C-8080 is so new I have only found one website that has made a conclusion/comment. I hope one dosn't jump the gun and rule it out as a possibility.
As far as ease of use ALL these cameras have an " auto everyting mode " you know point and shoot.

BTH ...I am not a "dedicated OLYMPUS user ". I don't even have one yet. I'm waiting for Steve's conclusion.

NHL Mar 29, 2004 9:42 PM

IMO you can't go wrong with any of them (A2, C-8080, CP8700, F828, and Pro1) really! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Comparing a few pictures also doesn't tell the whole story since like previous Dimages, the Minolta tend not to oversharpen or oversaturate its images and will (like all its preceding models) look bland at its default setting as compared to other camera in the JPEG processing. This is why most of the A1/A2 buyers tend to be more familiar with Photoshop and drawn more to it by its flexibility and full overiding controls (sharpness, saturation, vivid sRGB etc...) even more so than some dSLRs... not the least of which is its buffered muti-shots RAW capability which all others cameras are lacking.

For straight out of the box result and ease of use, I agree other cameras might be a better buy. :wink:

John G. Mar 30, 2004 2:32 AM

Here is Steve's final conclusion/comment on the OLY C-8080.

Quote [Steve] " The bottom line as always is the image quality and this camera delivers sharp, well saturated and true to life color images, one after another. There's no doubt that Olympus has produced another winner with the Camedia C-8080 Wide Zoom, and with a street price of under $1,000 (as of Apr 2004), it's a good value. The C-8080 will undoubtedly make Steve's "Best of 2004" short list of recommended 8-megapixel cameras. "

NHL Mar 30, 2004 8:56 AM


It all boils down to features, and the C-8080 seems to be lacking with the shortest zoom, and the A2 with the best high-resolution EVF and most fully featured including image stabilization... :P

John G. Mar 30, 2004 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by NHL

It all boils down to features, and the C-8080 seems to be lacking with the shortest zoom, and the A2 with the best high-resolution EVF and most fully featured including image stabilization... :P

HELLO, NHL your first link......>>>>That guy at dpreview forum enhanced, <<modified >> Steves pic of the A2, he even said so. And then to post it on another forum ...amazing.
First of all to quote this forum.

[Quote:from Steve's Digicams] " All content of this Internet site is owned or controlled by Steve's Digicam Online, Inc., and is protected by worldwide copyright laws. You may download content only for your personal use for non-commercial purposes but no modification or further reproduction of the content is permitted. The content may otherwise not be copied or used in any way. "

Now to compare an enhanced pic of the A2 to a camera that is worth 4 or 5 thousand $ is absurd.
OH where's my aspirin.

The second link....I recommend an opthamologist.:shock:
I'm going to take an exra strength. ****:?

For those who have hard time handling a camera "image stabilization" is good.

I imagine the people at Olympus sacrificed the extra ZOOM for better image quality.
A lot of folks don't realize the further away you are from the subject the less chance you have with working on camera angles.
So....people want ZOOM eh, so they don't have to be so close [in a physical sense] to the subject eh ?
Lots of ZOOM XXX is great for the birds...oh I mean things like taking pictures of birds. They will fly away if you get to close you know.:lol:
I want to be reasonably close to my subject so I can shoot from different angles.
I'd rather be on a bridge taking a picture of the bridge rather than being a quarter mile away taking a picture of the same bridge and the result would be a >>>>> boring shot of a bridge <<<<<with my ZOOM zoom zoom. Oh I'm sure someone is out there telling everyone " Oh look what my camera can do with this great zoom ". Then they will say " Oh yes... yes ...yes.... your zoom is great ! " After awhile that zoom won't be enough.
Then one will be craving for more zoom until you get the zoom fix.
Time for another aspirin.

As Steve said " The bottom line as always is image quality.":D

sjm817 Mar 30, 2004 4:14 PM

John G


That guy at dpreview forum enhanced, <<modified >> Steves pic of the A2, he even said so.
Which pic? The top comparison that shows all the 8MP is untouched.

"These are all 100% crops from the same subject taken by Steve at Steve's Digicam. No PP."

No PP as in no Post Processing. No enhancement.

The lower shot from the first link was resized.

"Here's one of the 1D and A2. The A2 has been worked on in PS to try to match resolution."

I would hardly call down sampling an image to match image resolution for comparison sake enhanced. It degrades quality right? Where does the post say enhanced? It doesn't.

As far as your dislike for even a modest 200mm level of tele and image stabilization, if you dont like or need it, thats fine for you. Many people do. You seem to be just poo poo-ing it since the 8080 is the only one without a decent tele.

I guess I could get the 8080 and have the coaches kick me off the soccer field when I'm trying to get a close shot of my kids playing. Or maybe I'll just keep my A1 with a better tele range and image stabilization and get the shot from the sidelines.

In other words, your zoom argument is just plain silly.

To each his own.

John G. Mar 30, 2004 4:25 PM

When he said he used Photoshop thats enough for me to dismiss his critique.
Just look at those colors how bright it sure dosn't look like the original and how sharp it came out in photoshop.
Telephoto for a sporting event, is right on the money.
To each his own.:wink:

sjm817 Mar 30, 2004 4:33 PM

And what was he to do? Post different resolution shots? That would make a side by side impossible. You used "enhanced", which is not accurate, and misleading.

Again, if you like your 8080 and it suits your needs, that is great, and I am happy for you. You dont need to be trolling in the KM forum trying to stir things up. Please try to keep it constructive.


John G. Mar 30, 2004 4:45 PM

I don't even have the c-8080 yet. I still want to make sure not to rule out the A2.
And do you mean that what he did in photoshop is correct. Don't those colors seam a little more vibrant than the original ?

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