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xtombguard Nov 1, 2005 10:08 AM

Novice user here, sorry folks. This seems like the right place to post this question though.....

I'd like to add photography as a new hobby myself. I have a Fuji digital camera, low end of course, but now I want to get something that will open my eyes to the world of photography. I was on a trip about a year ago with a collegue and he has the Minolta A2 Dimage... I used it once and WOW.... the features blew me away....

I've been researching this camera on and off for sometime now. The price is tight on the budget, but I'm done being picky about it.

I've since found that Fuji has the new S9000. A few dollars more of course, but feature for feature, im not sure now which way to go.

I'm looking for a good opinion from some of the professionals or non professionals too on this site that can help me decide which way to go with my search...

So, Minolta A2 or Fuji S9000...

I know the Minolta has a few more features that will take some time to learn.

Any help would be great...


E.T Nov 2, 2005 11:35 AM

xtombguard wrote:

I know the Minolta has a few more features that will take some time to learn.
Well... isn't that the biggest part of fun?
And with A2's "no menu surfing" user interface it's even more fun.

If you want to check camera's features more thoroughly you can download manual from here:

I would say biggest difference for Fuji is longer tele but lack of IS limits its usefulness considerably (even more because it's one stop dimmer) and unless you're serious "animal chaser" and photograph mainly those that extra tele length won't matter much. (I do mainly general nature photography and propably I've taken only about 1/10th of photos at longer than 150mm)
Also battery pack (BP-400) gives A2 really much more stability and makes grip from camera much more secure.

Then there's A2's magnificent EVF, still even after almost two years it has almost 4 times as much pixels as competitors.

Fuji's claimed "DSLR like" high ISO capacity is quite news duck and mostly PR BS, it's magnitude worse than that of F10 because they crammed so much more megapixels into too small sensor and what they have is mostly achieved with very heavy processing.

One thing I happened to notice about Fuji is quite poor focusing distance: sure wide end focuses to 0.5m but at tele end it doesn't focus under 2 m/6 feet distance! (and using high speed focusing increases wide end focusing distance to 2m and tele to 4m)
Also in macro-mode A2 succeeds better.

Damn... the more I look A2's new competitors the less I think even considering owning other camera... unless it happens to be A3.


Engineers as Photographers
After some 40 years as a photographer, and almost half that time writing equipment reviews, it never ceases to amaze me how dumb camera designers can sometimes be. I am convinced that at several companies in Japan the folks that design cameras likely never actually take photographs with their creations...
But I'm happy to say that at Minolta the design engineers appear not only to be photographers, but enthusiastic ones at that. Controls on the A2 are well placed and easy to use. Unusual for a digital camera, almost every function can be controlled without going through menus on the rear LCD

PS. I think you could say there's really lot of experience speaking in this...
(only 70 years of it)

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