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Altos Jun 14, 2004 4:10 PM

There have been quite a few posts about the A2's ability to focus (or lack of it). It seems to be broken into 3 camps:

- Camera works fine, whats the problem ?

- Camera works fine if you know how it focuses, what it focuses on and how long


- Camera just won't focus and everything is blurry.

Minolta is out with a SW upgrade, V112. Supposedly this fixes many of the focus

issues (implied based on Minoltas statement of what is improved). Fine..... now the

question is... does an A2 "focus well" with new SW ? I am about to buy an A2 and

don't want to do the try-return-try-return-try sequence hunting for a good one. If

I didn't care about image clarity I would go with the Sony828. So, did Minolta fix

their problem (assuming it was a real problem ???)

Thanks !!!!

jawz Jun 14, 2004 9:40 PM

When I bought my A1 there was an equivalent foofaraw going on about noisy lens cap shots, left side purplle banding seen only in full crop carpet shots, and the like. Then low and behold, Miniolta (don't think it was KM yet) released magical new firmware. Same sort of questions flared up: does this new firmware really fix this or that...

I decided that for me and my well being, it was worth the extra few $$ to buy my A1 from a local [real honest to goodness profesional camera] store that was also a licensed Minolta dealer. I asked them to upgrade the firmware on my camera before I bought it. I then thoroughly checked out the camera in the store and when I felt as satisfied as I could takeing pics in the shop an out on the street, I plunked down my money and went home with my A1.

The store owner allowed me one week for full refund and one month for exchange for another A1.

I never had a single problem with my A1 and have no regrets for having spent maybe $80 more than if I bought it on line at a low-ball mass market site. And haven't had any anxiety attacks!

But if you like to wring your hands, worry, and complain... well then...

jbach39 Jul 30, 2004 9:59 PM

i'm gonna have to say that yes they fixed the problem (based on my A2, and another 1-2 I tested over the past few months before buying) I get constantly sharp images (aside from user error I mean lol) I have an example photo of my cat, it's a semi closeup of her face, and you can count the hairs on her face .

I know some have gotten bad A2's in the begining, but I think they worked out the issues.


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