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hgmech Dec 6, 2004 11:08 PM

I am using a Magicstor microdrive 2.2GBwith my Konica Minolta A2. If I use my computer to format it to Fat 32 it will work but the camera writes and retrieves files very slowly. If I use my computor to format the card with Fat 16 and default cluster size it works just so-so but definitely faster. Does anyone know what this camera "likes" the best as far as formatting this card? What cluster size should I be using if I use Fat 16? Anyone have any first hand experience with this?

amazingthailand Dec 8, 2004 6:19 AM

It is quite possible that the problem lies with the magicstor microdrive and not with the camera or the FAT16/32 issue.

The magicstor microdrives are very well known to be problematic and will not function at all with many cameras. Your A2 may be borderline functional with the magicstor, who knows.

If it is a new magicstor that you just bought, can you return it or exchange it for an Hitachi brand microdrive? The Hitachi brand are very good.

As for the fat16/32 issue, I would think the fat32 would work better.

Oh, one other important point - make sure you format the card IN THE CAMERA and not on a computer. Most media works better when formatted in the camera.


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