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Thanks to everyone for their input on the A2. After months of review and analysis, I ordered the camera. I need to start slow. Are there simple recommeded settings and step by step setup procedures that someone can provide?

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Try this http://www.pbase.com/mtf_foto_studies/mtf_faq

Look at the sections "My Ax has arrived, so what do I do now?"
and "I hate to PP (post-process). What settings should I use to get nice images in-camera? "

Later you can learn about post processing and improve your quality, but to start out you may want to learn a little at a time.
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I'd suggest that you use 'P' (Program Mode) - it's much the same as 'A' (Auto) but as you become more familiar with the controls & functions, it will allow you to make those subtle changes that can be saved for recall later wheres in 'A' mode, they are lost if you change modes. Shutter speed/aperature can be changed.

Enjoy you new camera.
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In the auto mode the A2 automatically sets all settings optimally. Lots of options after that but you always can revert back to the factory setting by just clicking it to AUTO.
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These are my basic settings for my A1; these apply equally to the A2:

-Aperture priority (A mode) --not the green Auto
-f5.6 --the sweet spot of the Minolta GT lens
-ISO =100 --for the A2 set to 64
-front wheel = Aperture
-rear wheel = EV
-flex focus point = on
-matrix (evaluative) metering
-live histogram = on
-drive = continuous bracket ( 0.5 EV shift)

With continuous bracketing, the first shot is "normal" so if you press and release the shutter button you get a standard single exposure exposed to your nominal settings; if you pess and hold the shutter button then you will get three shots at the same focus exposed {nominal, -0.5, +0.5}. This bracketing set up will allow you to take normal single shots when there is no question as to the proper exposure, but if the situation is 'iffy' or you have a really important shot, just hold the shutter and you get the three shot bracket without having to fumble with menus or mode changes. [another good one from the minds of Minolta]

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