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I'd add two things to the previous postings. Firstly, I suspect that the people who have focusing problems have it in default "intelligent" focus mode, where the camera tries to decide what you want in focus. This is good for point and shoot but doesn't get it right all the time - how could it. Secondly there is one useron another site (who, I think, actually does know how to use the camera)who says that there are a few occasions where the camera gets in a mode where it's focused wrongly but says it's OK. It then needed rebooting to cure it. This was cured with the 1.1 firmware upgrade. I'm running on 1.00 and I haven't noticed the problem. The good thing about the A2 is thatthe EVF's so good you can tell if it's in focus or not anyway. The only timeI've had problems is when I'm too close or the subject I'm focusing on is too small and the camera focuses on the background instead.But the MF works well.

I think the trouble with reviews is that the criteria for user satisfaction become tighter and tighter as the cameras get better. So the reviewer has to struggle to find fault. One reviewer (in WDC) actually said of the A2 that "it would be nit picking to find fault in a camera thatis so good, but it would be better if the card doorcould be locked".The other thing is noise, but the fact of life (at the moment) is that allsmall sensor digitalshave trouble over ISO200. The A2 suffers here becausesome reviewers compare it against dSLRs - which are much mor expensive.

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