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Catbells Dec 13, 2004 12:39 PM

Does the A200 or A2 suffer from problems with focusing in low light.Does it cope so well that it does not need a AF assist lamp.

I am curious to know as I've read a lot about problems on the Nikon CP8800 with it's less than satisfactory AF assist lamp.

slipe Dec 13, 2004 1:42 PM

According to the Megapixel review the A200 has more focus problems than the A2. This was just at telephoto and not specifically related to low light focus. I would wait for more reviews before considering one. The A200 doesn't have the high quality EVF of the A2, and Megapixel thinks the quality isn't high enough for manual focus. If you wait until after Christmas I think the A200 will come down nicely in price – it was designed to be a cheaper camera.

On the A2:
"The autofocus system worked well in conditions of low ambient light despite the absence of a focus-assist lamp"

Dave at Imaging Resource:
"In addition to its excellent low-light capture ability, the A2's electronic viewfinder is usable at light levels down to and even somewhat below the 1/16 foot-candle limit of my test, and its autofocus system can actually focus at light levels that low, despite the camera's lack of an autofocus-assist light. (NOTE though, that with any digicam capable of really low-light focusing like this, you need to have the camera absolutely rigidly mounted, as any camera shake will keep the camera from focusing altogether.)"

"On the negative side, it seems that when focusing at telephoto settings, the A200 is slower to focus than the A2."

"Similarly, when set to manual mode, focusing is more difficult than it is with the A2 because of the lower definition EVF.

Wintermist Dec 14, 2004 5:20 PM

After having my A200 for about 4 days now, the AF isn't that bad. The only time the AF hunts is at full tele in say the dark corner of a room, and how much you'd used 200mm at that point I don't know, not often. At wide angles the AF is fine and in full daylight it's very quick to focus and also accurate. I think it's getting a bad rap becasue people are doing a lot of test shots but in real world shot it seems to be just fine. As a side note the image quality is very good, I am impressed, not as good as my 20d but very close in overall quality and sharpness, Minolta got that right on.

DeanB Jan 6, 2005 1:31 AM

To date, the only known post on this site by an A200 OWNER (see post directly above):shock:

Wintermist ...please come-back and tell us more!:bye:

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