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Catbells Dec 13, 2004 12:49 PM

Most cameras these days have a multitude of scene modes which include a landscape mode. The A200/A2 seems devoid of this feature but includes a sunset mode which appears a little strange.

OK. I know that I can select aperture priority to maximize the depth of field but on my Fuji S602 landscapes looks dull and uninteresting unless shot in landscape mode.

Does this pose a problem on the A200/A2 or does the camera perform so much better that it doesn't need it.

Most of my shooting revolves around landscape photography to certain extent & should I decide to upgrade to the A200, I would not want to be disappointed.

CastleDude Dec 13, 2004 1:26 PM

Maybe Fuji does it differently but on my Pentax 550 and Kodak 6490 thelandscape was simply to tell the camera to focus to infinity so it wasn't hunting with the autofocus.

Obviously you can do this with the A2/200. As for giving the picture more punch well you get more raw info with the picture so it is assumed that you will be post processing to get the feel you want (sharpness and color).

Take a look at the A2 FAQ here this part of the faq

... I like my A2,it is a powerful camera that requires a bit more to make the same quality pictures as a normal point and shoot. The pictures straight out of my 6490 are better than the A2. But after post processing the pictures out of the A2 are much better than the 6490.

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