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I have been trying to take pictures for some friends who have a band. I'm have a problem when the "house lights" are out and the stage lights are very bright. Some areas are "washed out".
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I assume you are not using an add on flash gun. The pop up flash isn't very effective beyond 10 feet, and I assume you were either not using the pop up flash or you were further away than 10 feet.

If you haven't already, try this:

1. Set your autofocus point to flex point bypushing the round button in the center of the four way controller. Turn the dial on the top of the camera in front of the on/off button, until the focus point in the center of your lcd screen is a cross hair. There are three options, the default is a wide focus point which shows up on the screen as two vertical brackets and two wider horizontal brackets. The second option is 11 boxes, and the third is the flex point cross hair. You might have better luck by using flex point. I leave my A200 on flex point all the time. The auto focus seems a bit quicker and more accurate at this setting.

2. Push the function (FUNC) button. Scroll down to the fourth selection which should look like a dot inside two horizontal brackets if set in the default mode. This is multisegment metering mode. This will give you an exposure for the average light available in the whole scene. You don't want this for the type of shot you're taking. Select SPOT, which is third option. When set at the default (Multi-Segment) it is metering off a wider area of the scene rather than on the flex point that you are aiming at. If you have the camera set to the default otions, the metering will be trying to compensate for the low light influence of the scene rather than on the face of the artist you are focusing on.

3.Also try setting the metering to be at the flex point - MENU button, Menu 1, Spot AE area. Select "Flex Focus PT", instead of "Center Spot".

4. Also boost the ISO to 400 or 800, although 800 will get grainy results.FUNC button, first set of options.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the sharing your expertise. I did not use the flash. That's a feature I rarly use. I did have the ISO set to 800 and the graininess doen't seem to be a problem except when I crop to a small portion of the shot or make a large print. I'll try the other suggestions the next time I get an opportunity. I turned up the ISO because there is a lot of movement on stage and the average light level is low. It will be a couple of weeks before I will be able to attend another performance. I'm trying to get some shots for a web site I created for the group at:


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