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Default A200 Speed/Exposure

I upgraded from my DiMage 7i to my A200 after the 7i developed the noisy display fault again, I am quite a newbie to photography but am finding some quite simple things quite confusing . . . :-( I have recently been taking photographs of fish, I had done this many times with my 7i with amazing results, but with the A200 I can not get anywhere near the same results, I dont understand why when I set it to sports mode the shutter is slower than in auto mode, and if I go into shutter speed mode and set it faster then the exposure is way too dark, i just cannot seem to get fast or crisp shots :-(
Any help or advice would be most appreciated, thanks
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G'day mate

Without putting any emphasis on previous camera(s) or their operations ...
As I understand things - 'sports' mode should place the camera into shutter-priority and offer you the best s/speed for the amount of light currently available. It does not sound correct to have it slower than when in auto mode

I can understand the image becoming darker when you set "S" mode -if- the ISO is too low to permit the aperture to compensate for the faster s/speed

May I suggest -
1- set ISO to Auto [or Auto-800] ... if this is an option, so that the ISO will meander from 100 to 800 as needed
2- set Sports mode by all means - then monitor the s/speed displayed in the viewfinder ... and compare results with you shooting in "S" mode at the same speed just to check if the camera is behaving itself

Hope this helps a bit
Regards, Phil
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Just to make sure we know what camera you're talking about...

Are you referring to the Konica Minolta DiMAGE A200 (similar in design to your 7i), or are you referring to the newer Sony A200?

In any case, if you're looking for faster shutter speeds to help freeze action, I'd probably avoid scene modes and Shutter Priority; and use Aperture Priority instead. Just use the widest available aperture (represented by the smallest f/stop number) so that you let in the most light. That mode will let the camera select the fastest shutter speed for the lighting and aperture to insure proper exposure of the image.

Then, increase ISO speed manually as needed (higher ISO speeds give you faster shutter speeds, as each time you double the ISO speed, you'll get shutter speeds twice as fast in the same lighting). IOW, try ISO 400 and see if shutter speeds are fast enough for the lighting you're shooting in. If not, you may need to go up to ISO 800 (which will mean more noise/image degradation from noise reduction).

There's no easy answer if you're trying to get faster shutter speeds in less than optimal lighting; as you may need to increase ISO speed so that shutter speeds are fast enough (while making sure images are properly exposed), which is going to degrade image quality.

If you're using any filters, I'd suggest removing them. For example, something like a Polarizing filter can reduce light dramatically (requiring much slower shutter speeds for proper exposure).
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