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Default About Z1

The swedish site www.cyberphoto.se, sells and tests cameras. They tested Z1 and the comment is quite "temperate". About "so what", a big zoom but no big pictures. He is complaing i.e. about "chromatic aberation". Look at the pictures where the threes has the sky as background. Not funny at all! I just "feeled" the camera at the shop and my first impression is "... a toy"!
The plastic is very ...plastic with shining buttons!!! I have a Canon A70. Is plastic but looks more metal.
About AF helplamp. Why so many cameras without it? Often there is a "red-eyes-lamp". How much more should cost to use it? A dollar? My son uses a Fuji S602. I can take pictures in the dark, he can't.
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I actually bought a z1 but ended up selling it to a friend. I thought it felt pretty solid even though it is made from plastic. There is a clicking sound that happens (not just one the one I had but on all four that I've seen) when you tilt the camera forward and back. I thought it was Minolta's weird LCD viewer mechanism but it ended up being the barrel lens. I did notice chromatic aberation in some of the pictures I took but it wasn't that bad. The worst picture that I took was of a Galiliean Thermometer. Any where there was a reflection of the flash in the glass, there was a purple fringe. What I didn't like was the camera's inablity to lock focus in a low light situation.
I ended up getting the Canon A70 as well. I preveiously owned a Canon A20 so I was familiar with the Canon A series. I already had several accessories that would work with the A70. All I had to buy was a new lens adapter for $20. The new lens adapter is a lot easier to use with the A70. It now clicks on rather than screwing it on like on the A20. It's much easier to use with a add on lens.
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